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Version 7.5 - Updated Report Integrations



IBM Maximo ® Products include an Open Reporting Architecture, which enables you a number of different reporting options to choose from. You each have unique business requirements which impact your reporting needs. These needs may be set by your industries, or by your corporate standards. Regardless of the reason, the V75 reporting architecture is very flexible in its ability to integrate with a wide range of these reporting systems.

In Version 7.5, the suite of report integrations enabled out of the box has changed. BIRT is the embedded reporting tool, and an integration to the Cognos 8.4 Report products is enabled. Additionally, the ERI (External Report Integration) is enabled as an open API for you to connect your reporting tool of choice within the Maximo Framework. You can also utilize the ODP, to connect your reporting tool of choice directly to the Maximo database - but outside the Maximo Framework.

Additionally, in Version 7.5, the integrations to Business Objects/Crystal Reports and Actuate Reporting are not enabled.

For more details on the data analysis and report functionality available in Version 7.5, download a copy of the 'Report Planning Guide for Release 7.5' available here

For more details on other reporting features, access the Maximo Report Wiki Pages available here

or the Maximo Report Reference Materials located here


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