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Internal PO for Items Transferred Between Organizations

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Is it possible to create an Internal PO for transfer of items between organizations?


When items are transferred across Organizations Maximo will require that a internal Purchase Order be used. The Organizations must share the same Item set to be able to be transferred between them.
Follow these steps to create the Internal PO as needed:

1. Log into the site that is requesting the item and go to the PO application and create a new PO.

2. Place a check mark in the Internal box, set the Storeroom Site to the site that the item will be sourced from. In the Storeroom field add the storeroom that the item will be taken from.

3. On the PO Lines tab press new row and add the needed item, you can place a check mark in the Inspection Required box if you want the item to be inspected before it is added to the new storeroom. In the Charge to section add the storeroom that will be receiving the item, now add any other needed information and approve the PO.

4. Now move to the Issues and Transfers application and bring up the Storeroom that the item is being transferred from, once selected move to the Transfer out tab. Press the Select PO Items button and the PO created in step 1 should be there, select it and press OK.

5. We will now need to add the Courier that will be transferring the item from one site to the next, add the courier confirm all other information is correct and press the save button.

6. Now move to the site receiving the item and enter the PO from Step 1 and select it. Press the Select Ordered Items button. Select the needed PO Lines and press OK, confirm that all the information is OK. Once confirmed press the same button and the item will now be added to the receiving storeroom.

Please note that if the Inspection Required flag was checked one will have to change the inspection status after the receipt is done so the transfer can be completed.

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