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New IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server Level Conventions

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Why does the level for my IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server look different?


We have added two digits to the last value in the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager level to more efficiently distinguish between our fixpack, interim fix, and e-fix deliveries.

We have converted to this new method primarily to support the delivery and distinction of e-fixes. Each e-fix will have its own unique level based on the interim fix level from which it was built and each e-fix will now be cumulative.

The new IBM Tivoli Storage Manager level will consist of six digits. For example,, for our latest interim fix for the V6.2 release. An e-fix based on interim fix will have a version of For example, the first cumulative e-fix delivered for interim fix will be at level

Fixpack modification levels will always end in 000
Interim Fix modification levels will always end in N00
Cumulative E-fix levels will always end in NXX

Examples: = - Fixpack = - Interim Fix 3 based on Fixpack = - Cumulative E-Fix 1 based on Interim Fix = - Cumulative E-Fix 11 based on Interim Fix

Sample E-fix Banner:
* E-FIX CUM level *
* This is a Limited Availability TEMPORARY fix for *
* APAR ICXXXXX. It is based on fixes made generally *
* available with Fixpack level *
* *


There are also some prior releases that may contain a five digit level as we evolve this process. They will be of the format V.R.M.FF. For example, the third interim fix for fixpack 6.2.2 has been delivered at level Prior naming conventions will not be updated but going forward the six digit level number will be implemented.

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