Discovery of SNMP devices after they have been discovered as NoSNMPAccess

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Devices that were first discovered as NOSNMPAccess are not rediscovered as SNMP devices until full Discovery is run although they are now SNMP accessible.


Behavior is the following:

Full Disco is run and some devices are found to be NoSNMPAccess. After this, those devices are reconfigured correctly with the snmp community strings used by disco. Running partial discoveries against those devices although now the device is snmp accessible correctly has for result the device still being seen as noSNMPAccess. If however a full discovery is run, the device is correctly identified as a SNMPAccess device. This is normal and is caused by the fact that the helper does not attempt to try revalidate the SNMP credentials because the SNMP credential configuration has not changed on ITNM side and so the device will continue to show up as NoSnmpAccess


One of the solutions would be to do a full Discovery. This has for an effect the device to be reread again using the credentials in the disco configuration even if the disco config on the ITNM side has not been modified.

One other solution would be the following:
Delete the data for that device from the ncmonitor.snmpTarget table in the ITNM database. Then restart ncp_dh_snmp. Issuing a kill -HUP to ncp_dh_snmp will have the same effect (although config hasn't changed, will cause a reread and reset the timestamp against which the snmpTarget.lastUpdate is compared, triggering a retest of the credentials). Rerun partial discovery

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