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Security Network Active Bypass Support Lifecycle

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This document provides information on the lifecycle of the Security Network Active Bypass, formerly Proventia Network Active Bypass.


IBM Security Appliances and the related Firmware adhere to the "IBM Internet Security Systems Product Lifecycle Policy" version 2.3, dated June 23, 2006 and updated October 27, 2007, available here.

Additional lifecycle details for other IBM Security Solutions appliances are available here.

Appliance Lifecycle Dates
Appliance Name General Availability End of Marketing End of Support
ABYP-0T-0S-4L 09 Dec 2009
ABYP-0T-2S-2L 09 Dec 2009
ABYP-0T-4S-0L 09 Dec 2009
ABYP-2T-0S-2L 09 Dec 2009
ABYP-2T-1S-1L 09 Dec 2009
ABYP-2T-2S-0L 09 Dec 2009
ABYP-4T-0S-0L 09 Dec 2009
ABYP-4TL 09 Dec 2009
ABYP-4TS 09 Dec 2009

Appliance Firmware Dates
Firmware Supported Appliances General Availability End of Content End of Support
1.0 All 09 Dec 2009
3.0 All 04 Dec 2013

Note that if an Appliance goes End of Support, then all firmware is no longer supported on that Appliance.

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More support for: IBM Security Network Active Bypass

Software version: 1.0, 3.0

Operating system(s): Firmware

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Modified date: 25 May 2011

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