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How do I get support for my SPSS products at IBM?


IBM Support has several offerings:
Want a glimpse of the future? Check out the new IBM Support Portal!

Students: All Student Support is offered through the Predictive Analytics Community Forums. The Student Forums are monitored by Technical Support to address issues and questions about Graduate Pack and Student version software.

Phone: Use the IBM Planetwide directory to locate your Technical Support phone number. You will be asked for your IBM Customer Number to verify entitlement. See Step 2 below to determine your IBM Customer Number.

Web: Getting support at IBM via the web is a multi-step process. Step 1 enables you to access knowledge articles, patches and notifications. Step 2 enables you to submit problems online to Technical Support Specialists.

Step 1 - Register on
Registering on enables access to the Technical Support knowledge base, patches and pro-active technical notifications for your products.

  • Register to get your IBM Web ID
  • On the the IBM Support Portal use the Product Finder to search for your product (SPSS Statistics, SPSS Data Collection, SPSS Modeler, etc.) and click Go. This step will make the "Support home" page content relate to your SPSS product(s).

    Next set up your subscriptions to receive technical support product announcements about the product(s) you have selected.

Step 2 - Register with IBM Service Request (SR)
Registering with Service Request enables you to submit, update, and review problems with SPSS software to SPSS Technical Support specialists. You must complete Step 1 above and have an IBM Web ID before you attempt to register with IBM Service Request.
  • Note to Students: Register on our Student Resource page
    You do NOT need to complete the steps below to submit cases via the Student Portal which provides web-based assistance to students for licensing and installation questions.
  • Determine your ICN (IBM Customer Number)
    Your IBM Site Technical Contact can provide tell you the ICN you should be using. If you do not know your IBM Site Technical Contact, please email IBM Business Analytics Client Care:

    If you are the IBM Site Technical Contact and do not know your ICN, please email IBM Business Analytics Client Care:
  • Request Service Request Access for non "Site Technical Contacts"
    You will be required to sign in with your IBM Web ID from Step 1. Use the “By customer” option to request access, and enter your ICN (IBM Customer Number) and your country.

    This request will be sent to a Technical Contact at your company and you will receive emails with the status of your request. You can return to this page to check the status of your request at any time.

  • Request Service Request Access for "Site Technical Contacts"
    You will be required to sign in with your IBM Web ID from Step 1. If you have not yet verified your email with the Service Request system, you may be asked to do this before you are allowed to submit a service request or manage your users.

If you have trouble when you attempt to register or to use the IBM Service Request section of the web site after you have registered as described above, contact the Service Request Help Desk:

Step 3 - Open a new Service Request (SR)
Once registered, click the Open a new service request - sign in link in the Tools and resources section of the Support Portal. Complete the forms as they are presented and click the submit button to submit your request. A Service Request number will be assigned on submission.

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