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Deleting temporary files in the Rational Change installation directory

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Why are there large sized temporary and log files in the IBM Rational Change installation directory and when can you remove them?


The size of the Rational Change folder/directory can grow to a substantial size. This can cause problems with the file system and Rational Change could fail if you run out of file space.
If you look in the following directories you may find a number of large files:




For example:







The logs directory can contain the following log files:

  • event.log : application log. Previously pt.log
  • audit_log: admin audit log
  • velocity.log: Jetty debug log
  • search.log: search index log. Previously indexer.log

See Log File Locations for more information on these.

The wsfiles directory contains temporary files created when users generate reports The size of these files depend on the volume of data returned by the query.

The tmpdir directory contains temporary files created during the normal operation of Rational Change. Files are created when data is transferred between Rational Synergy and Rational Change. Prior to release Change 4.7 the event.log was called pt.log and was placed in tmpdir

When a trigger is fired in Rational Change, an XML file is created in the tmpdir. The file is deleted after the script has finished executing.

For the wsfiles and tmpdir directories the files would normally be removed by Rational Change once it is finished with it.

The files may be left behind when an end user closes a session before it completes or due to a problem in Rational Change. When Rational Change is running in "Debug" mode, the XML files created for triggers are not deleted. Running in debug mode also has extra information about a trigger when it is fired.

The ATTACHMENT_* files can be left behind in specific circumstances. This issue has been identified as a product defect and has been logged under APAR PI06178


The decision was made by Product Management to exclude the resolution of this defect from future upgrades and releases due to the significant architectural changes required to implement the solution.


Deleting the Files:

The log files will be re-created automatically when you re-start Rational Change. Before deleting any of them you may want to copy the files to another location in case Rational Customer Support need to see the file when there are any problems with your server.

It is safe to delete the wsfiles and tmpdir files once you stop the Rational Change server and all user sessions have stopped. If you cannot stop Rational Change then it should be safe to delete any files which are over a week old.

Automated Housekeeping:

There are no scheduled housekeeping tasks in Rational Change which manages these files.

Investigating any problems:

If you are consistently seeing a large number of large sized files being created then you should investigate the event.log or pt.log to see if there are any errors corresponding to the time the files were created.

You should report the error messages to Rational Client Support or contact your local support office for further advice on how to proceed.

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