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Making Information Management for z/OS Database Read Only

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How do you make an Information Management for z/OS (InfoMan) data base read only


To setup an InfoMan database as read only, you just need to change the NAME=5 to NAME=4,6,7,8 or 9 in the session parameter, then recompile the session parameter.
NAME=5 means it is a read/write database, the other database NAMEs mean they are read-only databases.

The above information is in the Information Management for z/OS Planning and Installation guide - GC31-8751

Another way to make the database read-only is to add the RDONLY=YES parameter to the BLGCLDSN macro for each database (in the BLGSESxx session parameter (parm) member, then assemble and link the session parm back into the load library where the users accesses the session parm(s) from) that you want to setup as read-only, as follows:


The reason for going with the second method is that it saves you from having to change all the users InfoMan profiles, because they will usually already be setup to access the database as NAME=5.

After you re-compile the session parm, go into InfoMan using the newly compiled session parm, update a record, make a change, then try to save the record, you will see the following message and will NOT be able to save the change:

BLG22501I The attempt to access a read-only data set for update was denied.

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Modified date: 06 January 2016

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