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Creating a link from a Child to a Parent Change Request in Rational Change

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How do you create a link from a Child to a Parent Change Request in IBM Rational Change?


In Rational Change you can create Change Requests (CR) which are defined as subsets of another CR.
The subsets are known as Child CRs and the super set is a Parent CR.
From the Parent CR you have a hyperlink to the Child CR.


You need to know the exact relationship name between parent and child.

To find out which relationship exists between CRs you can try the following

  1. Query for the parent CR
    In Rational Synergy the CR has a cvtype of 'problem'
    ccm query "cvtype='problem' and problem_number='NNNNN'"
  2. Query for the relationships from this CR:
    This query will display all relationships from the CR you used in the first query.
    ccm relate -s -f @1
    Look for the relationship which links this CR to other CRs in the database.

Assume that the relationship between parent and child CR is "child_cr".

This will enable you to run queries from the command line to find child CRs for a given parent as follows:

ccm query "is_child_cr_of(cvtype='problem' and problem_number='NNNNN')"

Conversely, given a particular child CR, we can find its parent with this query:

ccm query "has_child_cr(cvtype='problem' and problem_number='nnnn')"

When Change displays a relationship between two CRs it is using exactly this sort of query. This is done through the special control type call CCM_RELATION.

If you want a control that displays (and creates) child CRs, you create a new attribute called "child_cr" and assign it the Web Type "CCM_RELATION".

To display parent CRs, you create a new attribute called "has_child_cr" and also make it a CCM_RELATION.

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