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Does IBM Rational Quantify have a feature that allows the conversion of CPU cycles to milliseconds?


When saving a copy of your Rational Quantify dataset in export format (.qx), the time is displayed in CPU cycles. The export format will always be displayed in CPU cycles so that it can be read in again at a later time. However, if you were to infer the exact time taken by each function, CPU cycles would not be ideal.


Rational Quantify does not have a feature that allows the conversion of CPU cycles to milliseconds.

There is a formula where you can convert this on your own:

  1. Divide the cycles by the clock rate of the machine in MHz to get microseconds.
  2. Divide the result by 1000 in order to get milliseconds as shown by the formula below:

    msec = (cycles/clockrate)/1000

For example, on a 2.993GHz machine, a function with 36040 cycles would convert as (36040/2993)/1000, which is 12.04143 usec or .01204 milliseconds.

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