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Why am I getting CPA5305 message from Content Manager for iSeries stating that vi400.log in library QTEMP is full?

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How can the system operator avoid receiving the message CPA5305 that the vi400.log file in QTEMP library is full from a batch import job that is running for long periods of time? This is a problem when there is no operator to respond to the message and the batch job does not continue processing while waiting for a response.


To avoid this message for long running batch jobs, an iSeries system variable can be set to suppress the creation of the vi400.log in the QTEMP library. To set the variable you can type the following command:

You can check to see if you have this or other environment variables already set with the command:


Make sure that all the PTFs available for Content Manager for iSeries are loaded. The complete list can be found at the link below for the Information APAR.

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