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When you use a RS232 connection to get the data result on your target, how can you listen and get the data using IBM Rational Test RealTime?


You want to send back the executed data results over RS232 connection.


In the Test RealTime installation folder, you could find a executable, getRS232.exe. You can use this executable to get the data during execution, when you have a RS232 connection. An example of the Test RealTime installation folder is the following path.

C:\Program Files\Rational\TestRealTime\targets\xml\attolcc

Usage of getRS232.exe is as follows.

getRS232.exe [COMx] [-d] [-t time-out] [-f outputfile] [-md | -mh] [-r Rate] [-pe | -po] [-s 2]

-p for parity even or odd

-s nb stopbit

-progress to follow dump progress

-d for debug mode

-d2 for debug higher level

-mh use line split marker '^' to filter the result data

-md use line split marker '^' to filter the result data and display rejected charateres COMx is the selected port

default is COM1 -t 20 -f atlout.spt -r 9600 , no parity(0), 1 stopBit(0)

outputfile is closed  when 'tdp end' (TestRT V7.0.5) is received from serial line

outputfile is closed  when Crtl Z (^Z)=0x1A is received from serial line

outputfile is flushed when Crtl Y (^Y)=0x19 is received from serial line

outputfile is closed at exit (time Out)

Here is an example of the modification that you need to do within the Target Deployment Port (TDP) .

In the Target Deployment Port Editor, in Build settings > Execution function, add the call to the following getRS232.exe.

$BINDIR\\..\\targets\\xml\\attolcc\\getRS232.exe $Ini{'COMPORT'} -t 10000 -f $out -r $Ini{'BAUDRATE'} -progress");


Use getRS232.exe before you start your application on the target

The customisation depends on your target environment. A complete solution that covers all situations is unavailable. For any questions or concerns about the TDP customisation, you can contact Rational Support .

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