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C++ Instrumentor fails on ASM instruction with error #194 or error #65

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to apply the C++ instrumentor of IBM Rational Test RealTime result in errors "TestRT attolccp: ... error".


TestRT attolccp: "D:\Projects\Sources\test_main.c",line
228: error #194:
expected an asm string
while ( _FSTAT . Bits . FCCF == 0 )
TestRT attolccp: "D:\Projects\Sources\test_main.c",line
229: error #65:
expected a ";"


The analyser does not accept Microsoft _asm and __asm keyword.

The Microsoft ASM has the following syntax.

__asm assembly-instruction [ ; ] [comment]
__asm { assembly-instruction-list [;][comment]

If you do not write braces right after the _asm keyword, Rational Test RealTime sees the rest of the line as an assembly-language statement. Therefore the parser ignores the resr of the line.

If you do write braces right after the __asm keyword, Rational Test RealTime interprets each line between the braces as an assembly-language statement.

_asm is a synonym for __asm.

Resolving the problem

Enable the Microsoft _asm and __asm keyword in the Target Deployment Port (TDP) editor.

  1. Open the TDP editor.

  2. Click Parser Settings > Analyser file configuration. Then add the following text.


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