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What is included in the encrypted and temporary directories in the 9235/9004 and 7199/7198 IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances?


The IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance file system is split into several sections when viewing the "show filesystem" CLI command or Status -> Filesystem Information in the WebGUI:
Encrypted space, Temporary space and Internal space.

  • Encrypted Space:
    The encrypted space is the internal persistent storage on the appliance and includes the:
    local, store, logstore, cert, pubcert, sharedcert, chkpoints, config, and tasktemplate directories as well as the audit log and persisted internal firmware files.

    The encrypted space also includes the "roll back" image which is a "snapshot" of the appliance taken at the time of the last upgrade. This is created at upgrade time and includes copies of all the user files, passwords as well as the firmware files. These files are not visible or accessible and may take a significant portion of the encrypted space. See Knowledge Collection: Firmware upgrades for the IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances for information on successful upgrades and reducing the roll back image.

    It is not recommended to write high volumes or large log files to the "logstore" directory or store many or large user files in the "local" or "store" directories.

    To free additional encrypted space if needed you may delete the "Rollback Image" if you are certain you will not need to return to the prior configuration and firmware level.
    To delete the "Rollback Image" from the CLI enter:
    boot delete

    It is recommended that you use off the appliance storage or the available auxiliary storage on the appliance to write the log files using a logging target.

    Available auxiliary storage:
    The M/T 9235 appliances will have either an:
    External Compact flash with approximately 500 MB of available space.
    RAID array with approximately 140 GB of available space.

    The M/T 7199 XI52 appliance has a RAID array with approximately 600 GB of available space.

    The M/T 7198 XG45 appliance has a RAID array with approximately 300 GB of available space.

    The auxiliary storage is not initialized by default. See Setting up and troubleshooting the RAID Array on a 9235 device with optional hard drives for important steps for initializing and using the array.

    If the RAID or Compact Flash are configured the directory can be found in the "Logstore" and "Local" directories.

  • Temporary and Internal Space
    The "temporary" and "internal" space are not persisted storage and the files will be lost if the appliance is rebooted or powered down but will not be cleared if use the "Reload" option.

    The temporary space includes these user accessible directories: temporary, image, export and logtemp
    The internal space is not accessible by the user.

    Both the "temporary" and "internal" space are also used for various processing actions during operation.

1) It is not possible to account for all the space displayed in the "show filesystem" output by adding the file sizes as there are internal files as well as the "rollback image" that are not visible to the user.

2) In the M/T 7199 and 7198 the "temporary" and "internal" space listed in the "show filesystem" output will vary by firmware release. This is due to how the available memory is utilized in each release.


The 4.0.1.x firmware:
xi52# show filesystem

Free Encrypted Space: 14318 Mbytes
Total Encrypted Space: 15100 Mbytes
Free Temporary Space: 175 Mbytes
Total Temporary Space: 242 Mbytes
Free Internal Space: 349 Mbytes
Total Internal Space: 350 Mbytes

The 4.0.2.x firmware:
xi52# show filesystem

Free Encrypted Space: 14434 Mbytes
Total Encrypted Space: 15100 Mbytes
Free Temporary Space: 3905 Mbytes
Total Temporary Space: 3937 Mbytes
Free Internal Space: 1021 Mbytes
Total Internal Space: 1024 Mbytes

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Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Business Integration WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI52 4.0.2, 4.0.1, 4.0 All Editions
Business Integration WebSphere DataPower B2B Appliance XB62 4.0.2, 4.0.1, 4.0 All Editions
Business Integration WebSphere DataPower Integration Blade XI50B 4.0.2, 4.0.1, 4.0, 3.8.2, 3.8.1 Edition Independent
Business Integration WebSphere DataPower Service Gateway XG45 4.0.2, 5.0.0 All Editions

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