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Is Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9.0 supported with my portal?


Yes, with limitations.


Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9.0 is supported as a Web browser client of IBM WebSphere Portal versions 6.1 and 7.0 as well as IBM Web Content Manager V6.1 and 7.0 but with limitations as described below. Previous levels no longer generally supported are not being tested and the new Web browser will not be supported with those end of life products.

The legacy themes from V6.0 and higher appear to function properly without modification when viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0. Themes based on Web 2.0, Client-side aggregation and other functions relying on Dojo could experience problems when rendering content. Dojo support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 is provided with Dojo 1.6.1, currently available with the WebSphere Portal/Web Content Manager V7.0.0.2 fix pack available here.

New themes based on Dojo 1.6.1 can be created using the new Portal theme. Existing PageBuilder2 themes using Dojo 1.4.3 (for example from WebSphere Portal V7.0.0.0 and can be manually upgraded to use Dojo 1.6.1 by following the instructions in the information center. By following these steps, the themes based on PageBuilder2 can also use Internet Explorer V9.0 Standard mode.

For additional information about customizing Dojo in a theme, refer to the article Customizing Dojo in IBM Portal.

Usage of the iNotes portlet with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 requires usage of compatibility mode in order to function correctly. Review the technote Errors when using Internet Explorer 9 and iNotes portlet for further details.

Review the page "WebSphere Portal Support Statement Addendum - Web browsers" for more information regarding the support for Web browsers later than those releases already tested and supported with WebSphere Portal.

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