Can a notes redirect file (.nrf) be used for a template?

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Can a notes redirect file (.nrf) be used for a template?


On the Replication/Sych page in the Notes client, a user can enable replication of all server based templates to their local workstation.

With the above option is enabled on the Notes client, Domino will scan all the directories paths when replication occurs with the server, in an attempt to find the templates for replication.

If an Administrator deletes or moves server templates, a Notes user may experience a long delay while all the directories paths are scanned for the missing templates. On large server implementations, the directory scan may cause a degradation in performance.

For databases that are moved or deleted, the administrator can create a notes redirect file (.nrf) which will prevent unnecessary scans of the directory paths.

Can a notes redirect file (.nrf) be used for a template?


No. Currently, a notes redirect file is supported only for databases.

An enhancement request has been created that asks for the ability to use a notes redirect file for a template.

Support should log customer requests to the following SPR:


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