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IBM SPSS Amos 19.0 is always showing a message in the status bar area

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After installing IBM SPSS Amos 19.0, the status bar area on the lower-left corner is always displaying a message. The message reads:

"Not estimating any user-defined estimand."

This message does not change no matter which analysis the end-user executes.

Resolving the problem

This message in the status bar is related to the user-defined estimands feature that was added in Amos 19. User-defined estimands are documented in the online help under the topic "Bootstrap for user-defined estimands".

A user-defined estimand can be any function of things that Amos has the built-in ability to estimate. For example, you could use this capability to estimate the difference between two indirect effects.

If the user does not specify a user-defined estimand (which would usually be the case), the status bar displays "Not estimating any user-defined estimand."

Amos 22 has a simplified version of user-defined estimands, Examples 38 and 39 in the user's guide show how to use it.

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