How do I uninstall the IBM SPSS Statistics for Mac?

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I am using IBM SPSS Statistics 20 for Mac. I'm not sure know how to uninstall the version because it doesn't appear to be an uninstaller in the package. How do I uninstall the IBM SPSS Products for Mac?


IBM SPSS Statistics 20 and 19 for Mac don't include an uninstaller to remove this application in Mac OS X.

With IBM Statistics 19 and 20 you can drag the installation folder to the Trash to uninstall. However, for Statistics 18 and previous versions you need to use the uninstaller application.
Please, perform the following uninstall procedure for your version:

*** Uninstalling IBM SPSS Statistics 20 and 19 ***
(for version 19 replcae 20 with 19 for the folder and file names)

1. Drag the installation folder to the Trash. By default, this is: /Applications/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/20.

2. In your Home folder, browse to Library/Preferences.

3. Drag to the Trash. Note that this file is used by IBM SPSS Statistics, IBM SPSS Statistics Student Version, and IBM SPSS Smartreader. If any of these applications are still installed, you should not remove this file.

4. In Finder, press Shift+Command+G to go to a folder.

5. Type ~/.eclipse and click Go.

6. Drag "" folder to the Trash.

7. If desired, remove any custom dialogs that you installed by dragging them to the Trash from /Library/Application Support/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/20/CustomDialogs/

8. Empty the Trash.

*** Uninstalling PASW Statistics 18 ***

1. Browse to the PASW Statistics installation directory. By default, this is: /Applications/SPSSInc/PASWStatistics18.

2. Open the Uninstall_PASW Statistics 18 subdirectory.

3. Double-click Uninstall PASW Statistics

4. Follow the instructions that appear in the uninstallation program.

5. If desired, remove the PASW Statistics installation directory that remains after the uninstallation by dragging him to the Trash.

6. Empty the Trash.

If you did not use the uninstaller program and instead moved the installation directory to the Trash, the uninstallation process is not complete. In this situation, please follow up the TechNote 1480416.

If, after following the instructions above, you need additional assistance please contact IBM SPSS Technical Support. See the Technote 1497485 to get support.

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