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CONNECT ODBC SQL Server Wire Protocol driver was causing Statistics to hang on all Unix platforms.

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I have attempted to deploy the latest SPSS Data Access Pack version 6 ODBC drivers to my PASW Statistics Servers on UNIX/Linux. Whenever my end users try to access a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database, using the SQL Wire Protocol driver supplied in this pack, PASW Statistics hangs.

Resolving the problem

Data Direct has reported a work around for this issue. The work around is to set the ReportDateTimeType to 0 (zero) in the odbc.ini file.
By setting this to 0, all the new datetime types will be reported as varchars. This is the same behavior that existed in the Version 5.3 Service Pack 2 drivers.

This behavior has been resolved for the upcoming 18.0.1 patch release to include the work around in the ReadMe file and to modify the odbc.ini file at installation time so that the attribute is set to 0.

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