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Adding page breaks to Statistics output via syntax.

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How can page breaks be added to Statistics output via Syntax?


Currently there is no command expressly designed to insert a page break into Statistics output. Page breaks can be inserted by using the TITLE syntax command, but this may not always be ideal for users. Using the TITLE command with either a blank (empty) string like this:

TITLE " ".

or if you already have a set title using the command with the same title will add a page break and otherwise not change the output. It will however insert a "Page Title" item to the output tree. For users intending to print or export the output this should be fine, but for users wishing to share the SPV file directly they may not desire to have these added items to the output tree.

You can manually mark output items in the tree for page breaks and using Python scripting you could construct a script which could automate this for you as well. An extension command is available which also can do this from SPSS DevCentral:

The name is "SPSS MODIFY OUTPUT". In Statistics 22 you can download and install the extension through the Utility menu (Utility->Extension Bundles->Download and Install Extension Bundles...).

An enhancement request has been submitted asking for a new syntax command to cause the next output item generated to be marked for a page break. It is not possible to say if or when an enhancement request will be implemented, only that the request has been logged and product management will be made aware of the request.

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