Statistics 19 hanged freeze memory can't be load. Click ok to Terminate

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I am using Statistics 19. It has been working fine, now it keeps freezing when I launch the application. I also get a message memory can't be load. Click ok to Terminate.
What is happenning and how can I fix it?

Resolving the problem

Please confirm make sure you have all your anti virus firewall or any monitor applications on your computer disable. This behavior also can occurred because of JAVA conflict. Do the following command in command prompt.

1.Open Dos Prompt (you can get the dos prompt from Start/Accessories or Start/Run then type in CMD)
2.Change the path in the command prompt to your Statistics 19 installation.

type CD \ (to go to the root of C:\)
Type CD program files\spss\statistics\19
Type Jcrun.bat > SpssTracelog.txt 2>&1

This will launch the Statistics. If you still encounter the same behavior, Sign in to and submit your problem report ticket with tech support please search for spsstracelog.txt and attach to the case for further troubleshooting.

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