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When I open the Direct Marketing menu in IBM SPSS Statistics and click "Choose Technique", I see several icons with analysis goals. Which statistical techniques are used by the Direct Marketing module?

Resolving the problem

Direct Marketing has several procedures available and these are called from the various "Choose Technique" icons:

"Understand contacts" runs RFM (Recency-Frequency-Monetary value).

"Segment into clusters" runs DMCLUSTER, which uses the TwoStep Cluster method.

"Select Contacts most likely to purchase (Propensity to Purchase)" runs DMLOGISTIC, which is binary logistic regression with ROC (Receiver Operating Characteristic) curve. (The Area Under the Curve is displayed by default, but you need to paste the syntax and change the /PLOT NONE subcommand to /PLOT CURVE to get the ROC curve printed.)

"Generate Profiles of contacts" runs DMTREE, which produces a Decision Tree. CHAID trees are grown by default, but other growing methods, such as CRT, can be chosen by running the command from a syntax window.

"Improve Campaign" also runs RFM.

"Compare Effectiveness of Campaigns (Control package tests)" Runs DMTABLES, a custom table with column proportions tests.

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