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"Failed to connect to server Local Server" when launching Modeler locally

Technote (troubleshooting)


When launching Modeler locally, bottom left corner has a red x on Server:Local Server; do not get "What would you like to do" window; eventually receive error:

Failed to connect to server Local Server
Server exception: Accept Timed Out

Resolving the problem

Navigated via Windows Explorer to the Modeler installation directory and created a log folder. Relaunched Modeler client and allowed it to error again. This created a messages.log file.

The following is what is seen in the log:
2010/08/20 16:10:25 [5132]: E3042: E3042 (C:\Program Files\SPSSInc\PASWModeler14\E:Temp)
2010/08/20 16:10:25 [5132]: Server init failed: configuration error

This was caused by an incorrect value placed in the Windows Environmental Variable called "TEMP." TEMP was set to E:temp, when it should have been set to E:\temp

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