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SPSS Statistics Subscription Sign-In Error



Upon launch of IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription I see a Sign-In Error dialog box that indicates a problem with the license and suggests the issue is with internet access. The exact error:

"Cannot verify license. Please ensure you have internet access and click Retry. If you already have internet access see your firewall documentation for instructions on how to whitelist an application. Or consult your system administrator (and communicate the following URL to them:"


Firewall settings

Resolving The Problem

To correct this issue, configure your internet security program/firewall to allow access to the following URLs:

Also allow access to the following executable files:


Since the method for adding exclusions is different for each internet security software provider, please contact the software provider for details regarding how to 'white-list' files and file types in the vendor's internet security program.

For users who are completely behind a corporate firewall which is a separate firewall from their workstation: The IT admin may need to specify both the license server URL and the port number for his workstation. For http and https connection, the default port numbers 80 and 443 are used.

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Reference #: 1487006

Modified date: 08 February 2019