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OK button greyed out when creating a stacked bar chart

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When you select to create a stacked bar chart and accidently add a variable to the count axis (Y-Axis) then correct the move (by moving the offending variable to the 'stacked' drop panel), you can not click on OK as it is greyed out.

An example is described below to create a stacked bar chart.

To replicate using 1991 GSS sample file.
1. Click Graphs
2. Click Chart builder
3. Click Bar from the Gallery TAB
4. double click on the stacked bar chart
5. in the X-Axis put variable 'sex'
6. in the Y-Axis put 'region'
7. OK is greyed out, move 'region' to the stack drop panel (where it should be) and OK remains greyed out.

Also if an item is moved to the 'COUNT' axis and then removed, the Count label is changed to Y-Axis

Resolving the problem

Because a variable was placed in the Y-Axis, the value of this axis is automatically changed from 'Count' to 'Value'. You can see this change in the 'Element Properties' dialogue window of the Chart Builder.

There are two ways to work around this situation:
1. Select the 'Reset' button in the Chart Builder window and rebuild your chart from the beginning.
2. In the Element Properties window change the Statistic to the appropriate setting for your chart.

An enhancement request has been submitted to reset the value of the Y-Axis when a variable is removed.

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