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I received the following errors when running the License Authorization Wizard -- Error Code: 201 -- Description: License generation failed.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Statistics installed successfully and then the License Authorization Wizard ran automatically producing the following error:

Error from Generator:
Description: License generation failed.
Error Code: 201


Expired Authorization Code.

Invalid Authorization Code.
Invalid Lock Code

Resolving the problem

Error 201 is most often associated with an expired Authorization Code returned from the Sentinel License Management Database,

Please verify your Authorization Code's expiration date. If the code expires in the current or previous months, you will need to contact your site coordinator or IBM Sales to either renew or upgrade your software license.

Verify the version of the Authorization Code you are activating matches the version of the Statistics Software.
Please make sure the Authorization Code you entered has not expired.
Please make sure you entered the correct Authorization Code.
Please make sure you entered the correct Locking Code(s) if you were instructed to do so.
Contact technical support if the problem persists.

Sales Department Contact Information:
Please contact your site coordinator or the department that handles the SPSS software upgrades/installations.
If you have no local contact within your company you can contact our sales department.

Sales department - inquiries about software products, training and consulting programs, and publications. Alternatively, for other sales information contact us at or at 800.543.2185

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Modified date: 22 October 2013