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Why am I receiving a message with 'Error Code 201' and ' License generation failed'?

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When running the License Authorization Wizard, I receive the following warning/error message:

Error from Generator:
Description: License generation failed.
Error Code: 201

Why am I receiving this message? What can I do to resolve the problem?


Expired Authorization Code.

Invalid Authorization Code.
Invalid Lock Code

Resolving the problem

The 'Error 201' with 'License generation failed' message is typically caused by the following:

  • Expired authorization code (activation key).
  • Authorization code (activation key) is for a different product version.

If you have installed a new version of an IBM SPSS product but are using a previously possessed code, the authorization code is likely not correct for the newly-installed product. Please contact your organization's IBM SPSS product coordinator to acquire a new authorization code correct for the new product version.

If you installed a previously-installed version of an IBM SPSS product and using a previously possessed authorization code, the code is most likely expired. Please contact your organization's IBM SPSS product coordinator to acquire a new, unexpired authorization code.

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