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Overlapping distorted or frozen display within IBM SPSS Statistics

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I'm using IBM SPSS Statistics and am seeing unusual display behavior in the Output, Syntax Editor and Data Editor.

For example, the output screen appears fragmented, tiled and overlapped. Moving the mouse on the screen or clicking on the screen may cause the screen's appearance to change in that pieces of the output move around. Sometimes there will be white patches where nothing is visible. After about 30 seconds of use the screens are unreadable because the screen refreshes fail.

Is there a way to correct this behavior?

Resolving the problem

This behavior is frequently corrected lowering the 'Hardware acceleration' settings in the workstation operating system.

To lower the Hardware acceleration setting, first access the Display Properties by right-clicking on the Desktop and choose Properties or choosing Display from the Control Panel. From the Settings tab, choose the Advanced button option then the Troubleshoot tab. Use the slider to lower the acceleration.

If this does not remedy the problem, please update your Video Driver. You can find your current Video Driver information within the Settings tab of the Display properties.

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