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Date difference functions of Modeler 13 returns different results than Clementine 12

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I am working with Modeler 13 and run a stream which executes date functions (e.g. 'date_months_difference' or 'date_in_years'). When I compare my Modeler results with the results I have got in Clementine 12 for the same stream and data I encounter different results, why is this?

Resolving the problem

This is functioning as designed. The Modeler help pages about the CLEM Date and Time Functions document that month calculations are based on a month of 30.4375 days and year calculations are based on a year of year of 365.25 days.

In Clementine calculations were based on 30.0 days for months and 365.0 days for years.

This was changed in Modeler both to calculate dates more precisely, and to be consistent with SPSS Statistics.

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