Excel dates don't get imported correctly into IBM SPSS Modeler 13

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I added an Excel source node to my stream and I referred to an *.xlsx file that contains some dates. When importing the dates into IBM SPSS Modeler 13, they don't get imported correctly, instead, a 3 digit number is displayed, why is this happening ?

Resolving the problem

This has been resovled in IBM SPSS Modeler patch 13.0.2.

This problem is caused by an incorrect date value in the xlsx file. For example : the date format that was set for the column was "dd/mm/yyyy" but the Excel file contained a value "11-2009". Once this value gets fixed and matches the format of the column, all dates should be imported correctly into IBM SPSS Modeler 13.
An other workaround would be to open the the *.xlsx file in Excel and to save it as an *.xls file, when you import the *.xls file afterwards, the result should be correct

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