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How to reserve licenses for a particular user, group, or machine?

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How do we reserve network licenses for users rather making them available on a first-come, first-serve basis?


This can be achieved by creating a Reservation File on the Sentinel License Manager.

1. Go to the machine where the Sentinel License Manager resides. Select Start->Sentinel RMS License Manager->Sentinel RMS Server Administration
2. Select Edit->Reservation File. The "WlsGrMgr" window will launch.
3. Go to File->New. A new license reservation file is created, called "lsreserv"
4. Select Feature->Add. The "Add License Reservation Wizard" appears. Click "Next".
5. You are prompted for the following information. When you are finished, click "Next".

Feature Name
Feature Version
Capacity (This feature is not available at this time)

Feature Name:
You need to enter the numeric value that corresponds to the module you intend to reserve. Please consult the feature name document for SPSS Statistics 16.0 and earlier (Feature Codes for Reserving Network Licenses_v1.doc) which is attached to this Technote. Please see the document (Feature Codes for Reserving Network Licenses_v2.doc) for SPSS Statistics 17.0 and later versions.

For Sentinel v7.3 (for SPSS Statistics 15.0 and earlier), you can run the following command line from the \SPSSSentinelLM directory to get this information. Sentinel v8.x (for SPSS Statistics 16 and later), please go to the \Sentinel RMS License Manager\WinNT folder:

lmshowlic LM_server_name

(where LM_server_name is the host name or IP address of the SPSS Sentinel License Manager)

For SPSS Statistics version 17.0 the Feature Name is 1200 for Base in all language flavours. Tables old is 1201, Regression is 1202 and so on.

Feature Version:
This field is NOT optional. Please enter the version of your product. Only enter the major release number (x.x) and do not include the decimal in-between. For example, you should enter "210" for IBM SPSS Statistics 21.0.

6. Enter a "Group Name" and the number of tokens (licenses) you would like to reserve for this group. Click "Next".
7. Add a member to the group created in Step 6 by clicking "Add". A "Member" dialog will appear and will prompt for the information below. When finished, click OK.

Name of the member:
Members of a group can be either Users or Machines. Please enter a user name or machine name (do not specify a domain name as part of the name).

Choose the appropriate radio button that identifies the above member as a user or machine.

Choose to allow for a license to be granted (included) or restrict distribution of a license to the above member (excluded).

8. Click "Finish" when you have added all desired users. You can add additional groups by choosing the Group->Add menu sequence and navigating through the "Add New Group Wizard".

9. Save the reservation file, lsreserv, into the Sentinel License Manager installation directory, e.g. "C:\Program Files\Common Files\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel RMS License Manager\WinNT"

10. Restart the "Sentinel RMS License Manager" service.

NOTE: If upgrading from a previous version of SPSS Statistics, to ensure that the reservation file is accurate you will need to recreate the new file via the menu commands. You can copy the old file so that the previous versions are brought over but any additions will need to be made in the Add License Reservation Wizard.

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