Does IBM SPSS Statistics offer the Breslow-Day test for homogeneity of odds ratios across strata?

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I have a set of stratified 2x2 tables and need to test whether the odds ratios are homogeneous. Does SPSS offer the Breslow test for this situation?

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The Breslow-Day and Tarone tests of homogeneity of odds ratios are available in the CROSSTABS procedures. They are obtained by specifying Cochran and Mantel-Haenszel statistics in the Statistics dialog box, or the CMH keyword on the STATISTICS subcommand. They are paired with the Cochran and Mantel-Haenszel tests because homogeneity of odds ratios is an assumption necessary for the validity of the Cochran and Mantel-Haenszel tests (which test the null hypothesis that a common odds ratio is equal to a particular number, usually 1)

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