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Is there a test to compare 2 ROC curves?

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I wish to plot 2 ROC curves on one graph, using the ROC procedure found at Graph->ROC Curve in SPSS. Is there a statistical test available in the procedure to test whether the curves differ in regard to Area Under the Curve (AUC)?

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The ROC procedure does not have the facility to test the difference in AUC (Area Under the Curve) for 2 ROC curves. The procedure can plot 2 curves if they represent 2 test variables and a single state variable that were recorded for the same cases (I.e. correlated ROC curves). For each curve, there is a test of whether the AUC for the curve equals 0.5, but there is no test of the difference of the AUCs. (Tests are available in the scientific literature, but they are not available in the SPSS ROC graph.)

An enhancement request has been filed with SPSS Development.

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