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Partial Least Squares (PLS) modeling in IBM SPSS Statistics requires use of Python or R

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Can Partial Least Squares (PLS) analysis be conducted in SPSS Statistics or Amos?

Resolving the problem

SPSS Statistics currently does not have a procedure designed to handle partial least squares. A PLS module implemented via Python is available. To access the PLS module, install the PLS Extension Module from . Under the Resources heading, click the IBM SPSS Statistics link. Under the Tools and Utilities heading on the resulting page, click on the link to Statistical Tools, then scroll to find PLS.spe. Note that you must first have the appropriate version of the Python plugin or Python Essentials, as well as the numpy and scipy libraries for Python. Links to the Python plugin and Python Essentials are in the Essentials and Plugins section above the Tools and Utilities section.

An R package might also be used for PLS analyses. Amos does not currently offer PLS.

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