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How do I get chi-square tests with SPSS Complex Samples crosstabs?

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I'm running crosstabulations with SPSS Complex Samples via the menus (Analyze.Complex Samples>Crosstabs). I don't see how to ask for chi-square tests. How do I do this?


The option you want to select is in the Statistics dialog box, at the bottom, labeled "Test of independence of rows and columns." Note that while a chi-square statistic is shown, the significance level shown is based on an adjusted F test, as discussed in a caption included beneath the table of test statistics. Since the Pearson chi-square statistic shown is generally not distributed as chi-square under the null hypothesis, the F statistic and its degrees of freedom are what we recommend be reported.

To obtain this test for subgroups or domains within the complete population, specify one or more categorical variables in the Subpopulations box. Note that the test will only be produced if any subpopulation variables were specified as stratification variables at stage 1 of the design.

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