Trying to install .NET framework 1.1 from SPSS installation CD and getting internal error 1935

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I'm trying to install the .NET framework version 1.1 from the SPSS installation CD prior to installing AMOS and I'm getting internal error 1935. Then I tried installing the .NET framework 1.1 directly from Microsoft and first I got Internal Error 2908, followed by 1935.

What can I do?

Resolving the problem

Several entries in the Microsoft support website forums indicate that deleting, moving, or re-naming the file mscoree.dll first will resolve this issue. It's typically located in c:\Windows\system32 -- you may need to Show Hidden Files from the Tools->Folder Options->View tab in order to see it. When found, re-name it to mscoree.old and re-try the installation of .NET, which should now install without error and will simply add a new version of the file.

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