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Is it possible to obtain Structure Coefficients with AMOS, i.e. the correlations between the factors (latent variables) and all observed variables?. If I run the Factor procedure in SPSS and request an oblique rotation, these coefficients will appear in the 'Structure Matrix' table in the Factor output. How can I obtain these structure coefficients for my confirmatory analysis in AMOS?

Resolving the problem

To print the structure coefficients in AMOS, open the View menu and click 'Analysis Properties'. Click the Output tab in the Analysis Properties dialog that appears. In the Output dialog, click the check boxes for 'Standardized estimates' (to print correlations, as well as covariances) and 'All implied moments'. Both of these check boxes are in the left column of output options boxes. You can exit the 'Analysis Properties' dialog by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the dialog. After running the model, you will find a lower triangular matrix in the text output which is labelled "Implied (for all variables) Correlations". As noted when you click on the title in the text output

"The correlation matrix displayed here is an estimate of the population correlation matrix of all the variables in the model (observed and unobserved) under the hypothesis that the model is correct."

The correlations between pairs of factors will be in the upper left part of the matrix. Correlations between the factors and observed variables, i.e. the structure coefficients, will be in the lower left segment of the matrix, with factors represented by the columns and observed variables by the rows.

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