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What are the setup requirements for enabling a JDE World user? Where can detailed information on this subject be found?

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What are the setup requirements for enabling a JDE World user? Where can detailed information regarding technical details on how the interface between JD Edwards and STRATEGY works?
Users are having one of the following issues when working with JD Edwards information:
**Seeing unformatted Julian dates.
**Not seeing proper decimal formats within JDE tables.
**Dots following column names
**New passwords entered, but the information doesn't look like JD Edwards data
**Columns not indented

Resolving the problem

Setup requirements for JDE World in detail below:

1.) Set the user profiles up to run J98INIT or J98INITA (multiple) as the initial program
**or the Default JOBD being used should have the JDFOBJ in the initial library list
or the library that contains that JDE environment's DD (Data Dictionary) and SVR (Software Version Repository) or The J98INIT or J98INITA program is in a library which is in the user's initial library list (from the user profile's specified job description).

2.) Ensure that the JDE files have been properly registered in the SVR and DD by typing in SVR on the AS/400 command line. This will bring up a Software Versions Repository screen. For the ACTION CODE type in an 'I' for Inquire and for the MEMBER ID type in the name of the file to be reviewed and then press ENTER. If the file has been registered, the screen will be updated with the file's attributes.
FAILURE to properly register JDE files may result in missing tables and/or missing columns.

4.) Run the following SELECT to ensure UDF values have been properly installed.

SPECIFIC_SCHEMA = '<server lib name>'

5.) Ensure that the JDE users have been "registered" in the AS/400 JDE environment. Also, make sure they have a valid library list attached in that definition. This is required for users with an initial program(J98INIT or J98INITA) defined for their profile. To see if a user is "registered"; signon to an AS/400 session as a JDEdwards user, type G94 and enter, take option 2(User Information), and put an I in the Action Code and the user ID in the User ID and enter. You should see the user and their library list. If not, put an A in the Action Code and enter the proper user name, library list and other pertinent information in order to add that user. For further questions, contact your JDEdwards support representative.

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