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Can you password protect an IBM SPSS file?

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I notice I can password protect my IBM SPSS Output files in the SPSS Viewer window. I'd like to be able to have password protection for my SPSS Data as well. However, I do not see this option available in the SPSS Data Editor.

Is it possible to password protect my data in SPSS?

Resolving the problem

IBM SPSS Statistics does not provide a method of encrypting Statistics files in v20 and below. Starting v21 you do have an option to encrypt the data file by doing the following.

1. Open your Data file in Statistics 21
2. Click on File =>Save As
3. Click on the option box for Encrypt file with password
4. Put in the password you like. You will be required to put this password everytime you are open this data file.

IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services provides the capability to protect data assets in ways that meet internal and external compliance requirements. Please contact IBM SPSS Sales for more information regarding IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services.

1) On an individual file basis, programs that allow files to be encrypted and password protected (e.g. WinZip, PGP) can be used on Statistics files. However, files protected in this manner require that the file first be opened in the encrypting program before they can be opened by the Statistics program. They cannot be opened natively in Statistics.

2) Some operating systems (Microsoft Windows) provide encryption on a disk or individual folder basis. Access to the files requires logging into the computer with the proper credentials in order to access the data on the disk. See your operating system vendor documentation or vendor technical support for additional information regarding the use of folder/disk encryption

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