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NetConnectException: Connection refused on port 4130

Technote (troubleshooting)


Port conflict on DE results in Connection refused error message.


" Caused by: :

Error opening socket to server localhost on port 4130 with message : Connection refused "


In the case where there are multiple instances of DE on a server and
one of those instances is DE version 1.3.x.x and one is DE version 1.4.x.x.
The latter version can adjust port selection on startup while the former
version cannot. This provides the conditions for port conflict on some


ITNM IP 3.8 and 3.9

Diagnosing the problem

Check the file and the file.

Resolving the problem

Change the port used for the older DE version with the following procedure.
Note: DE uses port 4130 by default.

The following process will allow you to change the port value for DE.

In /home/<username>/.acsi_<username>/ file set
acu.urlprefix= jdbc\:derby\://localhost\:<desired portnumber>
(Default : acu.urlprefix=jdbc\:derby\://localhost\:4130)

In file set derby.drda.portNumber=<desired portnumber>
(Default: derby.drda.portNumber=4130)

Example: Steps to change the portValue to 4131
Navigate to <DE common-location>* and open file.

In /home/tbsm/.acsi_tbsm/ file, set

Save and exit.

Go to <DE install-location>*/repos and open file
In file set derby.drda.portNumber=4131
Save and exit.

Document information

More support for: Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition

Software version: 3.8, 3.9

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 1474513

Modified date: 28 March 2016

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