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List of fixes for IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server for Product Information Management, Version 9.1.0



The following fixes are included in the initial release as a result of an Authorized Program Analysis Report (APAR).


You can search for and view existing APARs in the InfoSphere MDM Server for PIM Support site.

  • Display order of hierarchy nodes in relationship attribute pop-up window is always according to hierarchy spec primary key. (APAR JR37397)
  • Keyboard navigation inside drop down list is not working in new data entry UI. (APAR JR37249)
  • Missing translations in new data entry UI. (APAR JR37964)
  • Improve information center topics on DataStage for details and clarity. (APAR JR38061)
  • Improve information center topics on how to invoke Java classes stored in docstore. (APAR JR36857)
  • Error message "A Server Error Has Occurred" when opening multi edit view for items with invalid link attribute values. (APAR JR38207)
  • When the lookup table pop up editor is resized the columns don't get resized accordingly. (APAR JR38598)
  • Generate report dialog box is fixed in size and requires scrolling in order to run the report. (APAR JR38073)
  • Slow performance to expand category with lots of subcategories within relationship attribute editor in new data entry UI. (APAR JR37946)
  • Valid WQL produces error in Selection console. (APAR JR38535)
  • Find box, only show the attributes which are in the catalog's core attribute collection in new simplified search UI. (APAR JR38444)
  • Improve information center topic on describing the Sequence attribute type. (APAR JR38714)
  • The modified script "RichSearchResultsReport.script" should be copied to docstore. (APAR JR38753)
  • Improve information center topic on horizontal clustering for log directory setup. (APAR JR38711)
  • Removed the independent scripts that are calling the obsolete "" module including "". (APAR JR38735)
  • Method updateAdminRoles() method does not throw errors. (APAR JR38812)
  • An item may become unreadable if certain exceptions occur during the process of saving it to the database. (APAR JR38763)
  • Carriage return character is not counted against string attribute length in the editor. (APAR JR38876)
  • Drop down box for Flag attribute type is not localized. (APAR JR38799)
  • Add bash shell as a prerequisite in product documentation. (APAR JR38945)
  • The editor doesn't disappear when the user clicks outside the relationship editor when it is invoked twice. (APAR JR37974)
  • Fix the links for correct version of WebSphere MQ product in information center. (APAR JR38902)
  • Default rich search report script prints out a selected item's primary key rather than the actual value for the link attribute. (APAR JR38751)
  • Validation error occurs when the primary key length is longer than link attribute length. (APAR JR38838)
  • Post-processing script doesn't run when saving item from collaboration area. (APAR JR38808)
  • The string field value with leading and trailing spaces is trimmed when entered into the item edit screen. (APAR JR38825)
  • Action button is disabled in collaboration area unless item is reserved. (APAR JR38807)
  • Selected item's primary key is displayed for a link attribute rather than its actual value until save button is clicked. (APAR JR38750)

The following enhancements and fixes are included in this release as a result of customer request. If you want to learn more about one of these enhancements, you can contact IBM Software Support:
  • Right click command "Clear Field" (previously "Delete Field") function can not work. (CR 47160)
  • Multi edit screen doesn't display the size of the result set. (CR 47402)
  • Enrich error message "Checkout failed" with additional information. (CR 46472)
  • OK button on Lookup Table editor is redundant. This is resolved by enabling keyboard shortcuts for all actions. (CR 46354)
  • Implement same behavior of grouping nodes consisting of some leaf nodes in container as well as in collaboration step. (CR 46999)

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