Keeping user preferences when moving the underlying Rational Synergy database to another server in Rational Change

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How do you preserve the user preferences for IBM Rational Change when you change the database path?


All user preferences defined in Rational Change are stored in the IBM Rational Directory Server (RDS). These are stored using the database path as a reference. When you change the database path you must change the database path stored in RDS or the user looses their preferences.


If the path to the database remains unchanged on the new host , then you don't need to perform any action.

If the path to the database changes, then you need to update the identifier for the group of settings inside RDS. This is done using a Perl script that will call the PreferenceNameSubstitutionForAllUsers function.

This script is also used in Technote 1383359: How to migrate user ids and preferences from Change 4.7 to Change 5.1

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be aware that the function to establish a connection has changed in Change 5.2.

The updated script for Change 5.2 or 5.3 would be :


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    my $csapi = new ChangeSynergy::csapi();
    http://server:port/change ");my $aUser = $csapi->Login("admin", "adminpassword", "Admin","\\\\server\\myOLDdatabasepath");
       $tmpData = $csapi->
    PreferenceNameSubstitutionForAllUsers ($aUser,"\\\\server\\myOLDdatabasepath", "\\\\server\\myNEWdatabasepath");
       print $tmpData->getResponseData();

    if ($@)
      print $@;

Notes :
  • admin is Rational Change's admin account. You might be using another one.
  • adminpassword: password for user "admin"
  • Admin refers to a role. You must leave it this way.

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