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OS, MQ and QI agents do not appear under hostname correctly in TEPS navigator, why would some be listed under long (FQDN) and some under short hostname?


On a given server, each Agent will resolve the hostname separately, which can lead to bad positioning in the Navigator tree, especially if the hostname is listed as FQDN first and the Agent's configuration uses the shortname.
To make sure all Agents use the shortname:

1) In the OS Agent config file have CTIRA_HOSTNAME and CTIRA_SYSTEM_NAME set to the shortname
For example:

2) In the MQ Agent config file have "set agent name" resolving to the shortname
For example :
set name agent= hera

3) In the QI Agent, ensure CTIRA_HOSTNAME and CTIRA_SYSTEM_NAME are set to the shortname (as for the OS agent)

In addition, to ensure the above settings are used, the TEPS configuration file (cq.config or KFWENV depending on the TEPS OS) has to have the following set:
If the KFW_TOPOLOGY_CLUSTER_LIST is already in the file with some values set, add the two values AFF_MQSI_AGENT and AFF_MQSI_BROKER to the list.

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