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How to gain access to the IBM Support Portal (for IBM Initiate ATSCs)


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An explanation of the steps that IBM Initiate ATSCs should follow in order to sign up on the IBM Support Portal as an Authorized User for their site.


As part of the acquisition of Initiate Systems, Inc by IBM, there have been changes to the way in which customer representatives access IBM support services.
IBM has identified Site Technical Contacts (STCs) at each licensed customer site. These identified individuals may not be the same as those who were Initiate ATSCs at that site and may not be those primarily responsible for submitting support issues.

IBM will send special emails to the STC. These emails will contain information such as your company's name and country on record, the name and other contact details for the STC and, most importantly, the ICN (IBM Customer Number). This number is extremely important as it allows IBM to identify your company and support contract. It is essential that you are aware of your ICN in order to engage with IBM for support.

Below are steps that an Initiate ATSC (Authorized Technical Support Contact) should take in order to gain access to IBM's online Support Portal as an "Authorized User".

  1. As mentioned above, representatives at your site will have received emails from IBM. Please locate these representatives at your site and ask them for your company's ICN number. Then, please go to Step 3.
  2. If you do not know who your STC is, please send an email to the IBM Client Care team at This team can assist you with non-technical questions regarding how to use support, PassportAdvantage Online, SR Tool, or entitlements, and should get back to you within one business day.
  3. If you already have an IBM Web ID, please skip this step. Otherwise, you must now create your IBM Web ID online at On this page, please click "Register now" in the second bullet point to commence the signup process and follow the instructions, providing at the very least your first and last name and contact email address. Finally, you will be prompted to login with the newly created account.
  4. The next step is to "request access" to your company's support account online. For this, you will need your company's ICN. You should see a page showing "My agreements" which allows you to request access to your company's account. Completing this process allows you to submit support tickets to IBM. Choose either the Authorized User or Technical Contact tab on this page, and then click the "Request access" link.
  5. You will now see a form to fill out. Enter the IBM ICN number in the field at the top, along with your country/region. Then click Submit at the bottom of the screen. When you do this, IBM emails your STC with a notification of your request. They must then login to the Support Portal -> Service Request area -> User Administration -> New requests and grant you access.
  6. Until further permission has been granted, you will automatically have limited access to your company's support area as a "Provisional Caller". More information on this restricted access level is automatically provided to you in an email that is sent immediately after you request access. The "My agreements" page should now prompt you to verify your email address. This is another important step in the support process, in order for IBM to be confident that you will receive important support communications.
  7. Once permission has been granted by one of your company's administrators on the IBM Support Site, you will have full access, as an "Authorized User", to submit IBM service requests under your company's support contract. You may then freely access with your newly enabled Web ID. Additional permission granted by your company's administrator may allow you to become a "Technical contact" with the ability to modify other users' access.

Again, for any questions or clarifications, please contact IBM's client care team at

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