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How to change ldap port.

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We changed Server IP addresses and need to update our LDAP port. What files need to be updated?.

Resolving the problem


In 8.1-9.0 you need to change the port number for ldap in both and config.ldif.

In 9.2 you need to change the port number for ldap in both com.initiate.server.ldap.cfg and config.ldif

For and com.initiate.server.ldap.cfg the parameter is: internal.ldap.port.1=

For confg.ldif there are possibly multiple lines that need to be changed based on the customer configuration. The default file has 2 lines that need to be changed.

Example line: config.ldif.startok:ds-cfg-listen-port: 1392

For an external LDAP; all you need to update is the LDAP (properties or cfg file) located in the MAD_HOMEDIR/inst/mpinet_<inst>/conf directory.

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