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Error Message: "No more available statements" when adding user or changing password via Hub Manager

Technote (troubleshooting)


The following errors may be seen when adding a user via hub manager or changing a password:

15:52:37 [7475] ERROR ODBC [S1000] [DataDirect][ODBC DB2 Wire Protocol driver]No more available statements. Please recreate your package with a larger dynamicSections value. (DBError=7692)
15:52:37 [7475] ERROR MAD_PkgExecStmt: SQLExecute(mpi_srchead) failed.
15:52:37 [7475] ERROR MAD_PkgSelAcbByBind: MAD_PkgExecStmt(mpi_srchead) failed.
15:52:37 [7475] ERROR MPI_DicDbGet: MPI_DicDbSegGet(54) failed.
15:52:37 [7475] ERROR USR=ALIGNDEX, IXN=DICPUT, ERR=EODBC, MSG=unable to select dictionary data.
15:52:37 [7475] ERROR MPI_IxnExec_ODBC: ixn failed due to ODBC error.
15:52:37 [7475] ERROR MPI_IxnExec_ODBC: disconnecting from database server.
15:52:37 [5168] ERROR MPI_IxnExec_ODBC: reconnecting ...

Resolving the problem

To solve this:

  1. Make sure the ODBC.ini environment variable is defined for the user starting the master data engine and points to the current odbc.ini file for the master data engine.
    Example: export ODBCINI={MAD_ROOTDIR}/conf/odbc.ini
  2. Edit the odbc.ini file and add the following line: DynamicSections=1000
  3. Run: bind22 <datasource name>
    or bind25 for newer versions
    (Note: you will need to provide the database user name and password)
  4. Restart the master data engine and try to add the user or change the password again.

If you receive a FaultSegmentation fault error, you will need to check to ensure that you have set the ODBCINI (step 1) environment variable correctly.

If the above fails, you may need to increase the JDBC DynamicSections settings. Add the following lines to your com.initiate.server.jdbc.cfg file and restart your server:
(NOTE: The file can be found at MAD_HOMEDIR/inst/mpinet_<instancename>/conf directory)

If you continue to have problems please open a Service Request and someone from the support team will help you.

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