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validate-database-driver task failed due to a corrupt file

Technote (troubleshooting)


During the install process, running the validate-database-driver task to access a Remote database throws the following exception:

/wp.db.impl_cfg.xml:659: The following error occurred while executing
this line:
/wp.db.impl_cfg.xml:664: Wrong usage of the sqlproc task! - dbdomain
release is wrong

Reviewing the systemOut log, we see the following exception:

sqlproc] action: validate-db-driver
[sqlproc] _________________________________________________________
[sqlproc] DbDomain: release
[sqlproc] _________________________________________________________
[sqlproc] Task Usage:
[sqlproc] 1. You need to specify for the dbdomain release
[sqlproc] the following properties:
[sqlproc] in the
[sqlproc] release.DbType
[sqlproc] release.DbSchema
[sqlproc] release.DbUrl
[sqlproc] release.DbUser
[sqlproc] release.DbPassword
[sqlproc] and in the
/opt/WebSphere/Portal6/wp_profile/ConfigEngine/properties/wkplc_db file:
[sqlproc] your_dbtype.DbDriver
[sqlproc] your_dbtype.DbLibrary
[sqlproc] your_dbtype.JdbcProviderName
[sqlproc] 2. Instead of the dbdomain attribute use the dbtype,
[sqlproc] dbdriverds, dburl, dbuser, dbpassword attributes and the
[sqlproc] classpath element
[sqlproc] Sample usage:
[sqlproc] <sqlproc action="execute-sql-scripts"
[sqlproc] dbdriver="YOUR_DBDRIVER" dburl="YOUR_DBURL"
[sqlproc] dbuser="YOUR_DBUSER"
[sqlproc] <jvmparam name="SOME_JVM_SETTING"
[sqlproc] <classpath>
[sqlproc] <pathelement path="YOUR_DBLIBRARY"/>
[sqlproc] </classpath>
[sqlproc] <sqlfiles dir="DIRECTORY_TO_SQL_FILES">
[sqlproc] <include name="SQL_FILES"/>
[sqlproc] </sqlfiles>
[sqlproc] </sqlproc>
[sqlproc] Values for the action attribute could be:
[sqlproc] print-usage -> prints this message
[sqlproc] validate-db-settings -> specify the dbdomains comma
[sqlproc] seperated in the dbdomain attribute
[sqlproc] validate-db-driver
[sqlproc] validate-db-connection
[sqlproc] execute-sql-scripts -> the fileset element needs
[sqlproc] to be used for sql files
[sqlproc] exist-database -> the errorcondtionproperty element
[sqlproc] to be used for the propertyname of the errorcode
[sqlproc] _________________________________________________________
Target finished: action-validate-database-driver-dbdomain
Target finished: validate-database-driver

It appears that the task is having issues reading/finding the file.


When running the validate-database-driver task, the sub task validate-db-driver fails stating that it is unable to find the files.

[sqlproc] in the ....../wp_profile/ConfigEngine/properties/null


The cause of this issue, is Portal is unable to read the properties file as the file was saved as a RTF file after being updated by the user.

Diagnosing the problem

Checking the properties dump of the configTrace.log for release domain, the data appears corrupted:

r e l e a s e . A d m i n U r l =R e p l a c e W i t h Y o u r A d m i nU r l
r e l e a s e . D B A . D b P a s s w o r d =<removed>
r e l e a s e . D B A . D b U s e r =<removed>
r e l e a s e . D a t a S o u r c e N a m e =<removed>

The is also twice the size of a regular file.

Resolving the problem

You can either:

1. Replace the properties file with a backup and update the appropriate attributes before rerunning the task.

2. Saving the properties files as non-RTF text and then rerun the task.

Document information

More support for: WebSphere Portal

Software version: 6.1, 6.1.5, 7.0

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 1470630

Modified date: 02 March 2015

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