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Using Date Ranges with QBR reports in Maximo 7

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Can we use start and end dates as filters with QBR?


The QBR creation tool doesn't seem to allow the use of greater than or less than operators.


To implement Date Range filters in QBR, do the following.

1. Create your QBR, but do not include the Date field as a parameter. Be sure to save.

2. In Report Administration, locate the entry for your new QBR report.

3. Add 2 new Parameters titled 'Enter Start Date' & 'Enter End Date'. Set the Attribute to the Date field in question. Set the operator to <= and >= respectively.

4. You can also add the lookup 'datelookup' so that the user can select the dates from a calendar tool.

5. Save and rebuild the Request page XML.

If you have any difficulty implementing this, please open up a PMR with Support and we can assist.

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Systems and Asset Management Maximo Asset Management Report Admin Platform Independent 7.1.1, 7.5 All Editions

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