How to increase the size of the IBM FileNet Image Services Permanent Database for UNIX servers

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How to increase the size of the Image Services Permanent Database for UNIX servers.


Follow the procedures below:

1. Create a backup of the Permanent Database using the Image Services Enterprise Backup and Restore utility.

2. Create a new Permanent Database Raw Logical Volume as Root and give it the space needed using the Logical Volume manager for the Unix Platform.

Note: If Permanent DB blocksize is 1k, then the total number of Permanent DB logical volumes is 11 and total size of the Permanent DB is 16 GB. See file /fnsw/local/sd/1/permanent.ddl.
page_size is the first value in the list. If no page_size in file, then the size is 1k.

3. Confirm that the new Permanent Database Raw Logical Volume is the correct size and has the same security as the other Permanent Database Raw Logical Volumes. (Via the UNIX logical volume manager).

4. Log into Server as fnsw.

5. Add Partition to Image Services:
Type fn_edit at the command prompt
Click on the Procedures Tab
Select Add an Additional Dataset
Select Run
Type= permanent,
Name= /fnsw/dev/1/permanent_db##, (EXAMPLE: /fnsw/dev/1/permanent_db1)
(Be sure the #/Megabytes matches the physical logical volume size)
Exit and Save
Type fn_build -a then followed by initfnsw stop

6. Create a new link (as the fnsw user):
Type cd /fnsw/dev/1
Type ln -s /dev/(volume group)/(logical volume) new perm dataset name
(EXAMPLE: ln -s /dev/rfn_perm_db2 permanent_db2 )
Type ls -l perm*
You should see a new entry such as:
lrwxrwxrwx 1 fnsw fnusr 17 Aug 01 14:54 permanent_db0@ -> /dev/rfn_perm_db0

7. Set permissions: (As the root user) type fn_setup [Accept defaults]

8. Update the Permanent Database: (As fnsw)
fn_util startdb
fn_util updateperm

9. Verify the increased space in the Permanent Database.
initfnsw stop
initfnsw start
MKF_stats -q /fnsw/dev/1/permanent_db0

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