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How to record non-browser application with RPT

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How can you record a non-browser application using IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT)?


Application Under Test (AUT) is a non browser application such as SmartView(Oracle) application, whose traffic is not captured by RPT HTTP recording.


RPT 8.2.x can record an arbitrary non-browser application through a HTTP proxy by following steps.

  1. Click the New Test From Recording toolbar button New Test From Recording toolbar button or click File > New > Test From Recording.
  2. Follow the wizard according to your environment until Select Client Application page.
  3. Select Unmanaged Application and click next
  4. Select HTTP, specify Proxy port as 1080, and select Direct connection to the network in the Proxy Recorder Settings dialog

  5. Configure the client to use a HTTP proxy server at <RPT_Host>:1080.

Note1: < RPT_Host> is the name of the computer on which you are running the recorder. Typically localhost (or would work. In some cases you might be running the application to be recorded on a different computer than the recorder. Also, in rare instances, the application might connect differently to localhost than it would to a hostname.

Note2: You can use SOCKS proxy if you know that your application will work with it. If the application does not support a SOCKS proxy, use HTTP.

Note3:No changes are needed in the Internet Explorer configuration.

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