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Keyboard issues when running Notes 8.5.2 on Mac OS X 10.6.5 and 10.6.6

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Some users running Notes 8.5.2 on Mac OS X 10.6.5 and 10.6.6 report experiencing random and intermittent keyboard issues. Some symptoms have included:

-- Incorrect keyboard operations - Delete Key deletes an entire word instead of selected characters
-- Reply to message creates a new message replying to self
-- Typeahead may also not function as expected


The CGEventPost(kCGSessionEventTap, ...) API appears to have been updated in 10.6.5 and Notes relies upon this functionality.

When this issue is encountered, Notes behaves as if a modifier key is being used even though none have been selected.

Diagnosing the problem

You can typically reproduce the issue by holding down a modifier key (e.g., the Command key) while performing a regular function.

Resolving the problem

This issue has been reported to Apple and IBM is working together with them to determine a resolution.


  • Notes users still running 10.6.4 will not experience this issue.
  • Notes users who have already upgraded to 10.6.5 or 10.6.6 can work around the issue by rebooting the system.

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More support for: IBM Notes

Software version: 8.5.2

Operating system(s): OS X

Reference #: 1468729

Modified date: 02 June 2014

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